Currently, women make up only 17% of the startup market an 5% of Fortune 500 Companies’ CEOs..png

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Hi, I’m Nicole.

Hi, I'm Nicole. As a self-prescribed business nerd, I have studied personal development, sales strategies, and business models for more than ten years. One day, after deciding to walk away from a business I built, I started analyzing (like, over and over again) my beliefs regarding success and what it meant to be a leader.

In a world focused on bottom lines and the perfect closing script, I noticed more and more women struggling to believe in their natural gifts and abilities (myself included). I realized a big part of what’s lacking is a style of leadership designed with women in mind—guidance for ambitious women who want more than a fancy lifestyle and have a genuine desire to make an impact.




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A podcast that guides you as you navigate your spiritual journey- giving you the tools to go deep into the inner work, get real with yourself, and step into who you were always meant to be!


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